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   HIMEJU Introduction

   BeiJing Himeju Electric Appliance Co, Ltd. Is a professional R & D, design, production of ultrasonic industrial humidification machine, humidifier, dehumidifier for high-tech enterprises.

   The company and the production workshop is located in Beijing Tongzhou Industrial Development Zone, is a professional R & D team, sophisticated production processes, products sold at home and abroad. HIMEJU with the upstream and downstream units close, interdependence, mutual support, formed a sound industrial chain, HIMEJU throughout the country and Japan, the United States, Denmark and Malaysia have agents and distributors, and constantly have new downstream enterprises joined, so that the whole industrial chain expanding, to meet the needs of the wider segments of the market.

   The company now has a number of national technology products, a number of professional certificates, a variety of new products and technical reserves, a multi-national certification. HIMEJU is the domestic industrial ultrasonic humidification products of leading enterprises, its technology level, product quality, the number of new products rank the leading domestic position, company's products occupy the domestic industrial humidification of most of the market.

   HIMEJU by the excellent production team and R & D management team composed of companies within the University and graduate of above personnel accounted for 90% of employees, overseas students advanced management ideas and management concepts. In product quality, technical support and customer service to create the world advanced standard.

   Humidifying expert - HIMEJU, we do the price of high-quality products!

| Last update:2018.03.19