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1 、 Humidity requirements

According to your requirements, as well as the actual humidity difference, decided to settle the humidity difference scheme, if the need to improve the existing humidity, and high precision humidification, no water droplets humidification, saving water wetting, semi-automatic or fully automatic humidification, no noise interference humidification, near water humidification, please contact us, we can give you a satisfactory answer.

• Objective conditions

In order to improve the efficiency of equipment, reduce your expenses, need to understand the humidification places volume ( length X width X height), temperature, humidity, humidity and whether the existing air conditioning equipment, whether there is a new equipment, new air and other numerical values. We will according to your objective condition and humidity requirements of calculating suitable amount of humidification, to provide for your reference.

• The preferred device

According to the two requirements of the effective account, according to our results, and your investment will, we will provide you with the corresponding combination scheme, to you the most economical investment, you meet the full requirements. Which we will in our company 's 10 series of products, select the most adapted to the requirements of your one or several equipments, make it in your life to play its due role.

• Special issue

In actual work, due to various conditions of the restrictions, you may not be able to provide us with some basic data, or, according to your request we stereotypes products do not, at this time, we can according to your specific requirements, tailored for you, specially designed for the production of, or on the basis of existing products are better adaptive transform, to meet your special requirements.

After-sale service

1 、 Equipment installation and location selection

Equipment installation position can be selected from the following factors : 1) desired humidified environment maximum relative humidity, in a desired humidified environment, maximum relative humidity above 75%RH, humidification equipment should be installed in a desired humidified environment outside ; maximum relative humidity below 75%RH, humidification equipment can be installed in a humidified environment. 2) for humidifying environment on explosion-proof requirements; for humidifying field all explosion-proof requirements, humidification equipment should be installed in a desired humidified environment outside of the non explosion-proof area. 3) for humidifying environment within the Celsius below zero, equipment installation required to a desired humidified environment outside temperatures above zero degrees Celsius in places. 4) for humidifying environment more floating dust, may cause equipment admission not free, consideration should be given to equipment installation to a desired humidified environment outside.

According to the above conditions determine the installation position, also should consider equipment installation height, in general, the port should be set up in the fog humidification places the top, from the top of 50CM or less, and it should be possible to reduce the mist ports to device of vertical distance, in order to maximize the aerosol transmission efficiency, therefore, atomizing and humidifying equipment should be considered as far as possible in the high installation. The selected equipment installation site and installation height, according to the specific situation within the humidification places connected with the spray pipe ; first, if the humidification places, high-speed airflow source, such as a variety of high-speed fan, a gas injection port, and a spray pipe is arranged in the airflow source ports should be below the outlet upward, the high speed airflow source uniform gasification diffusion; if the humidification places, airflow is relatively static, we must consider in the humidification places within the elongated connecting a spray pipe, uniform distribution of fog port, the fog branch port upward and horizontal angle of 30 degrees, the humidifying water natural floating gasification.

2 、Equipment installation notes

Equipment should be installed horizontally. Join PVC pipe to be sealed to prevent leakage, water leakage. External water pressure is insufficient, need to be connected with pressure water pump, the water pressure is greater than 1kg / cm 3. Equipment and water supply pipe is connected between the water inlet interface, to be on both sides of a female lock hose connection, the connecting hose lock nut with seal ring, so the wire connecting the mouth without winding silk linen to prevent water leakage. In a water supply pipeline, connecting multiple devices, each device must be connected to a water supply line valve, so that in the future maintenance, maintenance convenient. Newly installed pipeline of water supply, must put a certain amount of water, for the newly installed pipeline cleaning, in case the new pipeline from blocking the water inlet electromagnetic valve fault caused by water.

In the installation of equipment stability, equipment of the fog line, can according to the design direction of pipes are sealed and connected in the connecting should pay attention to in equipment to establish the flange connection disc, or to a hose connection, a move that has later equipment maintenance, maintenance is convenient; the pipeline connection, from the proximal end of the device is relatively level apart from the distal end of the device is low, relatively high levels of all the mist outlet pipeline of the nadir, should be higher than 1 / 3 pipe diameter, thus ensuring the transmission pipeline of water inside the total reflux device, so that the pipeline flow; to make space humidification humidification is evenly distributed, pipeline according to the actual situation may be connected to a plurality of the mist outlet. The mist outlet diameter can be selected according to the actual situation. Pipeline connection prohibit appearing in "U " shape of the trend, since the connection will cause condensation of water pipeline plugging, affect the normal operation of the equipment.

3 、First boot

In the installation of equipment stability, should be in accordance with the equipment nameplate power consumption, rationing equipment power supply, and should have a certain power margin. Power supply for the one-way 220V / 50H, and should have a good and reliable protective grounding wire, so as to ensure the use of safety equipment. Usually the prohibition of open electrical box lid, needed to open the electrical box lid, should turn off the power, disconnect the power plug, so as to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

In order to ensure equipment to produce clean negative ion water, reduce calcium magnesium particle content, it is recommended that you use the softened water or pure water, especially applied in food, printing, paint and other industries, as well as other including electrostatic occasions, be sure to use soft water or pure water. Connect the water supply, power supply circuit, then turn on the power switch, manual control equipment to start water supply work, reaches the predetermined level after the start of the spray. Program or automatic control equipment should be first humidity sensor probe ( sensor probe attention earthquake), installed in the humidification places control the humidity of the place, the sensor connection after fixing equipment humidity control is inserted in the socket, set controller, equipment and began to work. The specific method for random instruction set.

4 、Care and maintenance

Determining the service life of the equipment is a very important factor is the water, when the water hardness is high, inside the device will hitch scale, scale itself can affect the equipment atomizing quantity, also cause atomizer assembly itself negative heat, so the water temperature and the temperature increase atomizer assembly itself, affect the power supply is stable, will cause serious damage to the atomizer assembly the power supply part or equipment damage. So you use the equipment in a period of time, the need for atomizer assembly and the inner wall of the box body for cleaning, removal due to long time work to form a scale, the cleaning cycle according to the use of water vary, in general continuous use of a few month, need to check the cleaning time, equipment cleaning, first disconnect the power off open water interface, a water discharging switch is opened, the water net, take out a nebulizer assembly with weak acidic solution ( for example : Tank detergent, Jiece Ling etc.) with soft fabric wiping atomizer and atomizing vibrator surface clean degree with no scale is accurate, clear, with repeated washing with water, complete removal of acid cleaning solution to avoid acidic cleaning solution corrosion of equipment. The wiping atomizing vibrator surface, not excessive force, in order to avoid atomizing vibrator is broken. Once the atomizing vibrator crushing equipment can not continue to use, should be promptly replaced atomizing vibrator, or the device will cause more damage.


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