Electrostatic in the industrial production of harm

Electrostatic in the industrial production of harm

Abstract: the harm of static electricity be obvious to people, now more and more manufacturers have introduced various degrees of anti-static measures and engineering. Static electricity is generated in industrial production is inevitable, its harm is largely attributed to two kinds of mechanism.

It a: electrostatic discharge ( ESD) the harm caused by:

(1 ) cause electronic equipment fault or error action, caused by electromagnetic interference.

(2 ) the breakdown of integrated circuits and sophisticated electronic components, or to make component aging, reduce the production rate of finished products.

(3 ) high voltage electrostatic discharge caused by electric shock, endanger the security of the person.

(4 ) in the flammable and explosive chemicals or dust and oil mist production sites can easily cause an explosion and fire.

Secondly, the electrostatic force ( ESA) the harm caused by:

(1 ) electronic industry: the dust adsorption, resulting in integrated circuit and a semiconductor element pollution, greatly reducing the rate of finished products.

(2 ) film and plastic industry: the film or a film rewinding uneven ; film, plastic CD disk of dust, affect the quality.

(3 ) paper printing industry : paper winding not neat, misregister, smoke pollution serious, even the paper bonding, affecting the production.

(4 ) textile industry : a cause of wire wrapped around the flowers fluttering, breakage, yarn entanglement hazard.

However, to realize that the use of ultrasonic humidifier perfect effective anti-static works according to different enterprises and different job object of the actual situation, formulate corresponding measures. Anti electrostatic measures should be systematic, comprehensive, otherwise, may be less effective, or even damage the sexual reaction.

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