Integrated storage and fresh-keeping technology of luck

Integrated storage and fresh-keeping technology of luck

1, the temperature. The heat insulation and temperature control has a good storage. The advance of storage reduced temperature, to achieve the required temperature. The vegetables into the storage before pre-cooling, including water cooling, air cooling, vacuum cooling, ice precooling. The timely into the receptacles, prevent stay out too long. The selection of appropriate storage temperature. The selection of suitable temperature detection methods, such as computer multi-point detection, precision thermometer detection. The reasonable stacking, unstacking and should be helpful for air circulation. And as far as possible to maintain library in various parts of the temperature uniform, prevent sudden fluctuations in temperature in the library.

2, humidity. The selection of the suitable storage humidity. II reducing temperature differences within the evaporator and the library, to prevent excessive frosting. It can use humidifier to increase humidity. It can be used to reduce the humidity dehumidifier. The ventilation, reduce the humidity. The ground water or ice and increase humidity. The use of plastic packaging to maintain moisture.

In 3, the gas composition. Of an air-tight and regulating qi good storage. The appropriate choice of air permeability and moisture transmission to the plastic film. The selection of suitable gas indicator. The use of gas regulator. The use of physiological regulators. The selection of suitable plastic membrane gas transfer means, such as folding packaging, sealing and packing, pinhole film packaging, sealing and packing and regular exercise, silicon window of plastic bags, plastic tent storage, silicon window plastic tent storage, plastic tent coke molecular sieve modified atmosphere storage and so on.

4, preservation. The use of CT1 antistaling agent, can control the hot pepper, bean, tomato storage diseases. The use of CT - and the antiseptic smoke agent, can prevent the garlic, white gourd, potato, garlic, green onions, potato storage diseases. The CT - garlic special-purpose antistaling agent, can control the garlic storage diseases.

1, biological factors. Including the types and varieties and rootstocks, field fertility status and maturity.

2, ecological factors. Vegetable ecological factors including temperature, light, water, soil and geographic factors, such as latitude and longitude, elevation and elevation.

3, agricultural technology factors. Including fertilization, irrigation and pruning, flower and fruit thinning, the use of chemical pesticides.

1 varieties. Select the appropriate transport tolerant varieties.

2, maturity. Each breed has its own most appropriate maturity tolerance to storage and transportation, higher or lower than the maturity, product storage tolerance and disease resistance will be reduced.

3, season and frost. Late autumn and cream products before storage, and under the frost products are not suitable for storage and transportation.

In 4, the disease management and production. Special attention is paid to preharvest pest control and limit yield.

5, irrigation and rain. On 5 days - 7 days before harvest irrigation is stopped, rainy days can harvest, rain products can not be stored.

In 1, the recovery time. To choose the most of the day to cool time to harvest.

2, the visor. Make recovery products and transport vehicle shade.

3, storage containers. To select the appropriate storage containers, so that the packing can prevent products subjected to mechanical injury, facilitates temperature management and product to prevent water loss, convenient for special treatment ( such as the control of grape diseases available SO2 fumigation treatment).

4, carefully selected and packaging. Serious, careful and caring for product selection, packaging.

5, to prevent mechanical damage. In each link to want to notice to prevent mechanical damage, because the wound is caused by microbial infection in important ways.

1, ventilation and shading. During transport, to use good ventilation cover cover installed product vehicle, so that the heat damage and sunburn are minimized.

2, ventilation and stacking. Palletizing should pay attention to proper air circulation, necessary in stacks to into the duct.

3, fast express. As soon as possible as early as possible to transport the product to storage. If the product late in 1 days, the equivalent in storage, storage for 4 days - 10 days.

4, transport vehicles on the stack. Palletizing firmly, preventing mechanical damage.

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