Buy humidifier matters needing attention

Buy humidifier matters needing attention

In summer, the air conditioning at the same time, whether you also feel the air conditioning brings dry? To alleviate the air drying, high-tech products - humidifier emerge as the times require. Currently on the market the humidifier brand dragons and fishes jumbled together, many consumers buy humidifier are blind. Below we according to the expert proposal to offer a few buy humidifier for attention.

Note : the basic characteristics of a standard humidifier

One standard humidifier generally has the following basic characteristics: humidifier with clean water to avoid water metamorphism. Secondly, with automatic constant humidity function, it can ensure the indoor humidity is healthy. Professional brand humidifier with humidity table, can always understand the indoor humidity. Third, must choose guaranteed after-sales service brand.

Note two: vigilant bogus brand and brand-name products

ISO14001 environmental quality system certification known as recognized by the international market "green passport", currently in the country, ISO14001 obtained the humidifier manufacturers only a few. In addition to professional humidifier manufacturers, the majority of household enterprises tend to take OEM production way, choose a number of small humidifier production enterprises for their own foundry production, and then affix their own brand of low-cost advantage to enter the market. This product while in some famous brand coat, but the product quality can not be guaranteed.

Note three: purifying type humidifier is more appropriate

Ultrasonic water humidifier humidification machine as the upgrading of products, the use of unique molecular sieve evaporation technique and water washing air technology on air humidifying while still on the bacteria in the air, dust, particles are filtered, thereby increasing the humidity of the environment and cleanliness. In addition, for the office and living environment for humidification equipment, humidification places in improving the humidity and produce large quantities of water negative ion, the humidifying indoor air quality can be improved.

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