Printing environment and humidification plant

Printing environment and humidification plant

Abstract: air humidity and temperature in air conditioning, are the important factors. All substances should be what hold enough water. Too dry environment, the air will absorb water from the material. Printing industry production process, especially the need to ensure adequate humidity.

In the past, the the Yellow River area to the south of winter without heating, the indoor temperature is paper (usually 6 ~ 8 ), when the indoor relative humidity has reached 50% ~ 60%RH, so do not feel out of the air drying; but because in recent years along with the air conditioning system of great use. Workshop and office building of temperature has been greatly improved, the general has reached more than 22 DEG C, then the same air and its relative humidity has been reduced to 15% ~ 20%RH, air is dry. Therefore, in the indoor temperature today, southern region also need humidification.

A humidification can eliminate static electricity. The paper is easy to generate static electricity. Workers often have electric shock, and accompanied by static beater phenomenon, especially in autumn and winter dry season occurs frequently. Static strength and environmental humidity is inextricably relations, electrostatic in 30% relative humidity is the most active and humidity lower electrostatic more active. With the increase of soil humidity and gradually weakened, in more than 50% humidity environment basically disappeared.

B humidification can prevent the expansion deformation. As a result of the paper variety, its expansion and shrinkage rate is different. If the paper and the environment can not meet the humidity balance will result in the following circumstances: paper water absorption expansion, loss of moisture and shrink. Serious deformation when monochrome printing presses to overprint, multi-color printing can also occur when the color than the color sequence elongation phenomenon, or drag a part of sector" and swing angle ", caused by excessive or overprint positive and negative due to the extension of the telescopic and set, or printed paper expansion is a process, to bring a lot of trouble.

C humidification can avoid wrinkling. Paper is due to the emergence of "" lotus leaf edge or " tight" phenomenon, make the paper not flat stretch, printing the appearance of wrinkles. This phenomenon makes the printing device appear a large number of waste.

D humidification to reduce paper dust. The paper contains a paper powder, the air containing dust in a dry indoor flying everywhere, on the quality of printed products have different effects. When the indoor humidity is over 50%, all kinds of dust flying catkins absorption water becomes heavy ground.

2, in order to meet the human comfort and the need to work :

According to the international HVAC industry statistical analysis of human temperature 22 ~ 26, the relative humidity in the 40% ~ 60%RH environment in which to live and work in the most appropriate sense, high work efficiency, the air environment of furniture and decoration, a very good protection. To this end, the Ministry of construction in 2002 air conditioning design specification :

The new office building design of the relative humidity is greater than 40%RH ;

Samsung pole above hotels and restaurants on the relative humidity is greater than 45%RH.

People in the traditional impression of southern spring and summer humid, especially outdoors. Taking Hangzhou as an example, humidity sometimes Gao Da 70 - 80RH, don't seem to need humidification, but in fact is wrong! Because of the relative humidity and ambient temperature are inseparable.

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