How to increase the indoor humidity

How to increase the indoor humidity

The northern winter indoor air is warm and dry. This is not conducive to human respiratory health, will often make people wake up in the morning, dry nasal cavity, pharynx painful, even epistaxis. How to increase the indoor humidity? Several commonly used for indoor air humidifying methods, we hope to help.

1 plant humidification

We visit flower market will be found, the relative humidity is very high, so the plant humidification method is more effective. Like green, bamboo and other plants are the best choice for regulating humidity. At home to raise the bamboo can give indoor release humidity, Fugui Zhu 's requirement of environment is relatively low, even in the complete absence of sunshine indoor also can survive. In addition, water plant is also a good choice, narcissus of regulating indoor humidity is also very good, not only can play the role of humidifier, may also make the room full of fragrance.

2 fish humidification

Fish and water plants is almost a matter of fact, is to use utensils stored water to increase the humidity of the air. I like fish friend can not only enjoy the fish to bring you the fun, but also can increase the humidity of the air in the home, can shoot two hawks with one arrow.

3 in the radiator put wet towel

You can put the basin on the radiator, towel is draped over the heating on, on the other side of the basin. Although some trouble, but the effect is very good. In the rest of the night, the morning when you don't feel the mouth parched and tongue scorched. In addition, you can also use a wet rag mop floor every day several times, it can also increase the indoor humidity.

4 humidifier

Use a humidifier may be the most concise way, is also a common method, pay attention to humidity adjustment will give your life in comfort environment space.

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