2012 Spring Festival holiday notice HIMEJU

2012 Spring Festival holiday notice HIMEJU

Dear customers and friends:

You are good! Year is around the corner, the new year is approaching, looking back through the 2011, beautiful Beijing sea great electric appliance Limited company thank you, it is your understanding and support only the achievements of today, looking forward to 2012, we will work harder, the better service for you! Industrial humidifier, choose the major Chinese beauty, humidification expert!

The new year, I wish all our friends: vigorous spirit of the aged, happy life, happy family!

Near the end of the year, combined with the logistics and transport and the company's actual situation, the Spring Festival is as follows:

Holiday time: 1.20 ( in twenty-seven) to 1.29 ( lunar January 7th ).

On duty during the holiday time: call 24 hours to be on duty by turns.

Delivery time : 1.21 days prior to the orders we will fully dispensed, 1.22 to 1.29 only accepts bookings and place an order, we will arrange the shipment of the goods in 1.30 days in succession.

After sale service: during the holidays, 24 hours after sale service: 400-616-3033 2

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