Himeju humidifier price

Himeju humidifier price

Title: beautiful Beijing sea great electric appliance Limited company

English Name: BeiJing Himeju Electric Appliance Co, Ltd.

Trade information:

Price: 6900 yuan / set

Packaging: carton

Origin: Beijing

Supply: all over the country

Product parameters:

Model: ZS-40Z

Purpose: to increase the air humidity

Material: stainless steel

Power ( KW ) : 1200

Weight ( kg ) : 32Kg

Product specification: humidifying capacity per hour 12K

Products: sea beautiful huge

Detailed description.

Industrial humidifier industrial humidifier price, is mainly used in industry in addition to electrostatic and humidification of the. To increase the air humidity, reduce electrostatic effect.

Static electricity is a kind of objective natural phenomenon, resulting in many ways, such as contact, friction, streaming etc.. Its basic process can be summarized as: exposure to charge to transfer to the electrical double layer is formed, the charge separation. Device or on the body of up to tens of thousands of volts to hundreds of thousands of electrostatic volts, under normal operating conditions and Chang Da hundreds to thousands of volts. The human body due to their own actions and other object contact separation, friction or induction and other factors, can bring thousands of volts or even tens of thousands of volts of electricity. Static electricity is positive, negative charge in the local context lost balance results. It is a kind of electric energy, retained in the object, having high potential, low power, small current and short action time characteristics.

Electrostatic control main measures are: electrostatic leakage and dissipation, electrostatic neutralization, electrostatic shielding and grounding, increasing wet.

Caused by electrostatic discharge breakdown damage components electronics industry are most common, the most serious of electrostatic hazards, it is divided hard and soft breakdown breakdown. Disposable hard breakdown is caused by components of dielectric breakdown, burned or permanent failure; soft breakdown is caused by the device performance degradation or decline parameter index.

Static sensitive components and the printed circuit board in the production process between the transmission and storage, must use anti-static material box, components box, turnover box, package tray. To prevent the accumulation of static electricity harm. Static sensitive components and the printed circuit board, as the finished product packaging must be adopted in anti-static shielding bags, packaging bags, packaging boxes, strip, baskets, avoid the electrostatic damage during transport.

Electronic products in the production process, its components, components and tools products often contact, separation, friction and static electricity, must use anti-static cushions, car repair kits, tools, turnover, work chair ( stool ), and through proper grounding, electrostatic discharge quickly.

Friction electrification and human body electrostatic electron, microelectronics industry in two major hazard sources, but not harm the electrostatic, electrostatic hazards in accumulation and the resulting electrostatic charge discharge, must therefore be controlled. An object with static electricity, formed in the peripheral electrostatic field, will produce mechanical effects, discharge and electrostatic induction effect.

Due to the electrostatic mechanical effect, air floating dust particles are adsorbed to a silicon wafer and other electronic components, seriously affecting the quality of electronic products, therefore, for the purification of anti-static measures should be taken to work space.

Purifying chamber walls, ceilings and floors should use anti-static non-fat dust material, to the operators and the workpiece, apparatus also should take a series of electrostatic protective measures.

In order to understand the process of static electricity, discriminant in the production process of electrostatic effects and test of electrostatic protective equipment, equipment quality requires measurement of electrostatic and related parameters. The measurement of electrostatic properties, mainly on the electrostatic voltage, resistance, grounding resistance, electrostatic, electrostatic charge decay period closed, static eliminator electrical properties, surface charge density distribution measurement.

ESD protective work is project of a system, any part of the omission or error, will lead to the failure of electrostatic protection work, must always guard against, everyone.

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