How to rule the air dioxin shades of the maximum limit

How to rule the air dioxin shades of the maximum limit

Mao Da: the new Guobiao can rule air dioxin shades of the maximum limit, related units should be to the most reliable scientific data as the foundation, sufficient for all walks of life view of politics and law, simultaneous reference overseas experience, given once can maximize protection conditions and citizens insurance regulation. While a standard from the scene, must not be more than Oman set 0.6 Peake ( toxic chemical equivalent ) per cubic meter of more relaxed. As long as the tougher, capacity to ensure that the general public, especially some retarded people, such as pregnant women and infant dioxin exposure should be less than the World Health Organization proposed value.

News reporter: so, new atmosphere quality standard should be how to define dioxins?

Mao Da: although its dioxin purification monitoring and research task in general is very strong, but above the main scientific research consequences or find that can indicate the air dioxin purification was once not let escape conditions and weak performance, their risk level and no less than particle purification. Thus, see PM2.5 caused domestic atmosphere quality standard and talk about and then formulate must be ignored but dioxin and other pollutants have equal damage in their consideration of category. Finally, in 2008 3 units proposed and dioxin-related EIA skill request and no national condition standard, the discipline of power is not only unlimited, and only applies to students' spiritual power measure conditioned response assessment tasks, enough to change the one-sided master air dioxin purification fundamental discipline guarantee.

News reporter: since 3 the unit has to dioxin assessment skill request, what also presented are new atmosphere quality standard in dioxin numerical?

Then, big country and not be dioxin air purifying one disaster. Recently, with the episodes are Jiangsu Haian County Rural Regional dioxin purification costs shook out a career waste combustion plant to the ambient conditions brought about by the dioxin purification. On the basis of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of sciences researchers field sampling inspection, the burning factory in 2008 movement period, around 1.5 km within the air dioxin uniform depth at 0.716 and 0.622 Peake ( toxic chemical equivalent ) per cubic meter, the maximum to arrive at the 0.901 Peake ( toxic chemical equivalent ) per cubic meter. This case marked, in rural areas also has obvious dioxin pollution sources, its air dioxin depth can exceed 0.6 Peake ( toxic chemical equivalent ) per cubic meter of the greatest patience value.

Mao Da: in fact, the find not be surprising, because of their large and heavy country already has many obvious dioxin emission sources, including iron and steel industry, non-ferrous metal industry reconstruction, abolition of combustion, and cause enterprise of papermaking total large bus Shan gas emission. If the Department source no invalid to master, deep shallow dioxin emissions will be continue, it is in the condition of savings will be more and more significant, the body weak risk will improve.

News reporter: formation of dioxin levels are high purification source have?

Guangzhou state also no let pessimism. 2007 production of Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry of Yu Liping ridge, Liwan, Huadu public show, galaxy, Whampoa  District 4 airborne dioxin uniform depth discrimination at 0.1046, 0.4305, 0.1637 and 0.7693 Peake ( toxic chemical equivalent ) per cubic meter. The consequences of not only indicate Guangzhou is overall faces and Beijing and Shanghai equivalent air dioxin purification, all such as Whampoa  that light industry sports populated area and beyond the 0.6 Peake ( toxic chemical equivalent ) per cubic meter of the greatest patience value. Worth noting is, Yu Liping also after bare formula budget Milky way area resident adult daily intake of 1.1 Peake ( dioxin toxic chemical equivalent ) per kilogram of body weight, some season infant daily intake was high up to 4.3 Peake ( toxic chemical equivalent ) per kilogram of body weight, the latter has the World Health Organization proposed insurance code.

The same year, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry and Shanghai Univer, many researchers are now another domestic academic journals" chemical circle" ( Chemosphere ) announced a to Shanghai air dioxin depth degree of public opinion, pointed out Jiading, Zhabei, Pudong and Huangpu 4 district air dioxin toxic chemical equivalent uniform depth value discrimination for 0.4971, 0.289, 0.1444 and 0.1432 Peake per cubic meter. The results also indicate some of Shanghai, regional air dioxin uniform depth was on the 0.6 Peake ( toxic chemical equivalent ) per cubic meter of the greatest patience value.

On 2008, Chinese Academy of Sciences Center for the study of ecological conditions and Hong Kong Baptist University, many researchers are now domestic academic journals" air" ( Atmospheric En ironment ) announced a public show, the city of Shanghai in 3 districts of dioxin-like compounds the air content of 0.018 to 0.644 Peake ( toxic chemical equivalent ) per cubic meter, uniform value 0.268 Peake ( toxic chemical equivalent ) per cubic meter. A consequence of this state, Beijing regional air dioxin uniform depth once and 0.6 Peake ( toxic chemical equivalent ) per cubic meter of the greatest patience value lies in the same unit level, and sometimes also is higher than the value.

Mao Da: if 3 units in 2008 the rules of dioxin response reference value, not the Japanese air dioxin depth limits as an assessment of atmosphere quality once basic norms, their eyes from the known research achievements, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou the 3 big country atmosphere dioxin once near or over the insurance depth line.

News reporter: eyes of dioxin levels in their atmosphere is probably once do degree line?

Although Oman's air dioxin depth limit and no society is the most severe ( Canada after Ontario and the United States Arizona code respectively is 0.1 and 0.023 Peake per cubic meter), but the conditional specification for their immediate dioxin purifying epidemic prevention task has a special meaning, because the Ministry of environmental protection, the national development and Reform Commission the National Energy Bureau, 3 units in 2008 issued a" connection to further enhance students' spiritual power nominal condition response assessment management tasks to tell", and is the tell" skills will take" all rules EIA departments should refer to Oman dioxin air depth limit value, evaluation and Prospect of establishing nominal dioxin emissions for the surrounding conditions quality response. This marked, their government is certain level certainly air dioxin depth reaches or exceeds 0.6 Peake ( toxic chemical equivalent ) per cubic meter on the conditions and human weakness occur without negligence reaction. Therefore, this numerical or can be seen as the immediate air dioxin depth maximum patience value.

Mao Da: to protect public debilitating, socially a lot of country or region have developed air dioxin depth limit value standard, have had a painful nuisance historical experience Oman is no exception. Early in 1999, Oman's" dioxin countermeasures especially the law" will set all conditions the matchmaker, including air, soil, water and accumulation of dioxins in depth of maximum value, which means is to make the day national dioxin intake is less than the maximum value of the World Health Organization proposal, namely 4 Peake ( toxicity chemical equivalent ) per kg of body weight. On the basis of the discipline, day of domestic air dioxin depth did not get beyond the 0.6 Peake ( toxic chemical equivalent ) per cubic meter.

News reporter: according to the understanding of Guangdong Province, Dongguan City Environmental Protection Bureau Chief Yuan Shaodong leak, this will promote the Dongguan city condition monitoring core set, and slow down the PM 2.5, dioxin, irradiation, quick, inorganic pollutants, ecological conditions and other testing laboratory building. According to the present situation, how should restrict dioxin reference standard?

Studies also indicate the superstition, dioxins are conditions was nowhere without being, and accumulation and enrichment are all living organisms, because one can pass deep breathing, livelihoods and muscle contact and other road dioxin intake. Although the majority of dioxin is through ingestion and gastrointestinal tract were living human attraction, but the atmosphere of the dioxin concentration through the high is also enable human daily intake beyond the World Health Organization proposed value.

Dioxin like compound is by far the strongest known human toxic pollutants of. A small amount of plant tests and human epidemiology studies the result shows, the dioxin for human asthenic reaction is the direction, it has been recognized as a deposit being carcinogenicity, neurotoxicity, reproductive toxicity, developmental toxicity and blindness, heart blood toxicity, immune toxicity, and can indirectly cause of acne and liver disease, simultaneous is an exocrine trouble. On the basis of social care institutions is proposed, in order to ensure the whole human weakness, collective dioxin acceptable daily intake for 1 to 4 Peake ( toxic chemical equivalent ) per kilogram of body weight, and the current index is down to 1 Peake ( toxic chemical equivalent ) per kilogram of body weight at.

Mao Da: this time, its rural atmosphere deep shallow PM2.5 let the public advocate extreme worry. However, there are significant debilitating sorrow air purification material is not as long as the slender particles this one, because it is in the new national standard for atmosphere quality comprehensive assessment of all air purification of debilitating conditions include risk, known to the world as a inorganic pollutants dioxin.

News reporter: last time, mass for PM2.5 posture is fierce. But there are also experts put forward, is atmosphere purification of human weakness, for forming reaction is not only PM2.5, but also includes dioxin and other pollutants.

For words.

Prior to this," conditions" two underground atmosphere quality standard for perception of stop, PM2.5 was first placed in standard. Chinese Academy of Tsinghua University fortifications, Professor Hao Jiming is not long ago at the Fifth China-US atmosphere quality research on underground sketch, purely emphasis on PM2.5 emission reduction, and can not reach the expected result of marine atmosphere quality improvement, should do several purification of common emission reduction task. Improve atmosphere quality, also should master what pollution? For this," collegiate system monthly" journalists and the atmosphere purification dioxins have deepen into Beijing University Teachers College of chemistry after Mao Da began to talk of subtropical high.

Recently, executive vice mayor of Shanghai municipality Jilin is joined in the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference symposium, announced that Beijing is improving atmosphere quality achievement, and signaled to announce data is true, simultaneous notes the public feelings and monitoring data the difference reason. The next step, Shanghai will play a further progress atmosphere quality of the preparations for the attack, to further eliminate high energy consumption, high purification company, would rather sacrifice some GDP and fiscal expenditure.

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