How to improve the papermaking humidifying function

How to improve the papermaking humidifying function

Papermaking industry to the humidity also have higher requirements, humidity has a direct effect on the quality of the paper. Because paper material is the vast majority of plant fiber, this kind of plant fiber moisture absorption ability. Paper and water content of the air before reaching the balance sheet of absorbent and release humidity will affect the deformation of the paper. So we must maintain the humidity and material balance. The humidity of the time, the absorbent, causing swelling, low humidity, the paper put the wet, causing contraction. If you do not maintain a desired humidity environment will cause many problems in production.

This problem can also occur in paper products, such as paper cups production. Manufacturers are now aware of humidity environment on papermaking industry plays a noticeable effect. Paper production, storage, transportation, each link is subjected to air environmental impact.

Beautiful Beijing sea great electric appliance Limited company, is a professional R & D, design, production of ultrasonic industrial humidification machine, humidifier, dehumidifier, ozone machine of high-tech enterprises. The company now has a number of national technology products, a number of professional certificates, a variety of new products technical reserves, has many technical certification. Hoi Mei Kui is the domestic industrial ultrasonic humidification products of leading enterprises, its technology level, product quality, the number of new products rank the leading domestic position, company's products occupy the domestic industrial humidification of most of the market.

Ultrasonic humidification machine product introduction

Application: widely applied to various industries in various fields such as: various places, textile, paper making, computer room, workshop, spray, plastic, printing, tobacco, warehouse, laboratory and plant industry, aquaculture and other industry. Machine automatic feeding, automatic humidifying, standard wheels and a bracket, can be connected with a pipeline humidifying humidifying quantity, a variety of optional, wide application, high ratio of performance to price!

Ultrasonic atomization block using 1.7MHZ ultrasonic high frequency oscillation, atomize the water into 1-5 micron ultrafine particles, through the axial waterproof fan pneumatic device through a mist delivery pipe, the diffusion into the air, water and air flow heat and mass transfer, the moist air and accompanied with rich negative oxygen ions, achieving the purpose of humidification, and can the fresh air.

In 1, the chassis is made of pure stainless steel shell, all the year round use of corrosion can not rust variant;

2, the internal use of integrated type atomization module, replaceable module can be changed the chip, simple maintenance, low maintenance cost;

In 3, the maximum relative humidity can reach 99%, humidity can be controlled, can according to the scene to set the scope of regulation;

4, intelligent accurate humidity control, digital display, using the international first-class humidity probe, control precision is in 3% above;

5, convenient installation, flexible moving, or wall hanging installation;

6, humidity automatic control, can set the working time control, can be controlled manually, according to your condition selection;

7, humidification machine internal use of highest grade waterproof electrical appliance, each machine is manufactured through strict permeability test;

8, humidifier automatic water inlet, water shortage is self protection, overcurrent overvoltage protection;

In 9, the fog particle diameter of only 1-10 m, small particles uniform, good vaporizing effect, space humidification no seeper;

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