The significance of humidification

The significance of humidification

Humidification of meaning (1 ) manufacture active oxygen: negative oxygen ions can effectively activate the oxygen molecules in the air, to make it more active and more easily absorbed by the human body, to effectively prevent "air conditioning disease".

( 2) improvement in lung function : inhaling oxygen negative ion, the lung may increase the absorption of oxygen 20%, but discharges of 15% carbon dioxide.

( 3) to promote the new supersedes the old.: activation of a variety of body, promote the new supersedes the old.

( 4) enhanced disease resistance: may change the organism reaction capacity, active reticuloendothelial system function, strengthen the body immunity.

( 5) improve sleep: the role of negative oxygen ions, can be uplifting, improve work efficiency, but also improve sleep, have significant analgesic effect.

( 6) bactericidal function: negative ion generator in a large number of negative ions generated at the same time will have trace ozone, the two are combined more easily adsorb each kind of virus, bacteria, to produce changes in the structure or energy transfer, resulting in his death.

( 7) fresh air, smoke and dust: the negatively charged ions and floating in the air the positively charged electrode and smoke dust, make its natural sedimentation. Dust removal and sterilization, reduces the second-hand smoke harm more effective. The environmental health of the visible.

( 8 ): television, computer and the protective effect of high voltage electrostatic, in front of its form a anion protective layer to reduce TV, computer generated high voltage electrostatic damage to the eyes, effectively preventing myopia, while reducing the dust on the TV, PC damage

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