The correct use of humidifier

The correct use of humidifier

Winter is the coldest days in particular, have become very dry air, coupled with the heating device is enabled, a lot of people will feel every day to get up when dry throat pain, dry and itchy skin, some people even nosebleeds, so the market become hot products humidifier. Some hospitals in the ward also use large amounts of air humidifier, as appropriate to increase the air humidity can avoid inducing various respiratory diseases. However, the humidifier is a "double-edged sword", with good control, using inappropriate can induce " wet pneumonia".

One, arthritis, diabetes patients with caution

Air humidifier if not used correctly, can also cause certain harm to human body. Users in the use of attention to the following points:

1 arthritis, diabetes patients with anti air humidifier. Damp air can aggravate arthritis, diabetes, so the patient is best not to use. If the patient does require the use of a humidifier to reduce the number of respiratory complications, should at least and specialist doctor communication, determine the appropriate humidity, in order to stabilize the original disease.

2 in accordance with the instructions to guide, regular cleaning humidifier. If the humidifier itself is not health, bacteria will with water vapor floating in the air, to the health of human body, can also cause harm.

3 cannot directly to the water humidifier. Because the water contains a variety of minerals, the humidifier evaporator causes damage, containing alkali can also affect its life. In tap water by chlorine atoms and microorganism likely with the water mist into the air to pollute the air. If the tap water with high hardness, humidifier sprays of water containing calcium and magnesium ions, will produce a white powder, indoor air pollution.

4 at any time according to weather conditions, indoor and outdoor temperature humidifier humidity regulator. Because many patients are only at the beginning of the purchase of air humidifier when adjusting humidity, the use will rarely go regulation. This will make the role of humidifier discount, once the rainy weather, indoor and outdoor humidity rises, the humidifier humidity is not lowered, virtually increased humidity, even if people feel uncomfortable, long time is not conducive to the health of human body; if the weather is too dry, and the humidifier humidity is not raised, then weakened the role of humidifier.

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