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Ozone Generator 4G
Product Name : Ozone Generator 4G
Model : HMJ-CY-4
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Last update : 2018.04.13
Manufacturer : Ozone generator applicable scope: family, school, hospital, hotel, warehouse, kindergartens, office, farms, food factory, cosmetics, edible fungus, car beauty, locker room, packaging workshop, drinking water, pure water, mineral
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models Product Name specifications output
( g / h )
( CM )
power power
( W )
( kg )
purifying water
( T )
purification area
( M3 )
HMJ-CY-2G Home ozone machine stainless steel
2G / h 23 * 18 * 46



90 7 1 50
HMJ-CY-4G 4G / h 23 * 18 * 46 140 7 2 100
source the use of oxygen ( oxygen generator or bottled oxygen) supply or the use of clean dry air source
ozone concentration oxygen source: 80-120mg / L, air source : 15-20mg / L

gas general: ozone generation is adopted after the silicone tube output, the silica gel tube output ozone can be used for water disinfection, and can also be used for space purification. ( water treatment only when the ozone output of silicone tube extends into the water tank or barrel, such as is used in spatial processing only the silicone tube placed in the ground. )

working principle: ozone generator through the principles of electricity production line of high-pressure, high pressure up to a certain extent air breakdown, the air molecules are ionized, wherein the oxygen in the air molecules are ionized by three atom of oxygen into ozone molecules, ozone generation will become a strong oxidizing agent, it can damage the molecular cell wall to bacterial, viral, fungal and microbial inactivation, in a certain concentration can rapidly kill bacteria in the air with no toxic residues, can not form two pollution.

Function Description: ozone sterilizing machine using ozone produced by lightning discharges in the matter of principle, using air as raw materials, using surface steepening discharge release high concentrations of ozone, and the ozone is currently one of the strongest known oxidizing agent, in a certain concentration, can be rapidly kill the water and air in a variety of harmful bacteria, no toxic residues, can not form two pollution, is the world's recognized a broad-spectrum disinfectant effect, its chemical properties especially lively, known as" the cleanest oxidants and disinfectants".

ozone is internationally recognized as a green environment-friendly disinfectant, high sterilizing efficiency, for a variety of viruses, bacteria are very strong killing ability, ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, on the degradation of organic matter, deodorizing, decolorizing, improve water quality effect is good, no two pollution.

ozone water disinfection advantages:

( 1) ozone is a strong oxidant, strong sterilization ability, fast response, investment less, ozone can rapidly kill the diffusion of bacteria in water, bacillus, virus and in very low concentrations when the sterilization inactivation;

( 2) use of ozone in swimming pool water treatment disinfection can fundamentally avoid like three halogenated methane ( THMS ) such disgusting carcinogenic halogenated organics generation. Ozone disinfection removes chlorine and ammonia compounds are formed, thereby avoiding the adverse effect to human body of swimming pool water. It is these chlorine and ammonia compounds will stimulate the skin, eyes, swimmer and athletes, respiratory tract, so swimming eye and skin rash is the resulting in hair, also has a bleaching effect. Ozone does not have these problems. It is a strong ability to adapt, in PH5.6-9.8, temperature 0-37 DEG, ozone disinfection performance impact is very small;

( 3) ozone in air as raw material by silent discharge preparation method in water does not produce a persistent residual, no pollution two;

( 4) to destroy the organic matter in the water, improving the physical properties of water and organ sensation, bleaching and to smell to smell, the water is blue, without changing water natural properties, on the skin and hair without any irritation.

( 5) ozone decomposition of organic matter in water with enhanced flocculation capacity function, which in normal passenger flow, can not flocculant, does not cause harmful substances in the water and salt content increase. Save other chemicals, to reduce the use of liquid chlorine content.

( 6) the use of ozone disinfection can greatly reduce the water treatment process and operation management difficulty, at the same time the ozone generator has high safety, swimming pool water circulation use, can save a lot of water bills, reduce costs, increase profits.

the ordinary type ozone water treatment equipment by special efficient gas mixing device of ozone gas is fully mixed with water into the ozone water, and the concentration was adjusted to a direct role in the raw water, disinfection and sterilization effect.

the ozone water treatment disinfection purification equipment using advanced IGBT inverter power supply and advanced water technology, ensure that the ozone yield and high stability.

the ozone water treatment equipment of microcomputer control system for disinfection, ozone concentration, time and other parameters in real-time monitoring, guarantees the system normal operation.

the ozone water treatment equipment to the air as raw materials, affordable, greatly saves the use cost.

: chemical oxidation of ozone as an oxidant, catalyst and refining agent used in chemical, oil, paper, textile, pharmaceutical and flavor industry. The strong ozone oxidation ability is very easy to interrupt the alkene, alkyne compounds of carbon chain combination key, part of the oxidation and synthesis of new compounds.

pulp bleaching: ozone in pulp and paper industry, for the chemical slurry bleaching or mechanical slurry mechanical properties improved, reducing the pulp bleaching process of pollution to environment.

: water treatment ozone in water on bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms with high rates of speed, the organic compounds and other pollutants removal completely without generating two pollution, and can reduce the risk of biochemical oxygen demand ( BOD ) and chemical oxygen demand ( COD ), removal nitrite, suspended solids and decolorization. Application in city sewage treatment, the city drinking water processing Bottled water treatment of industrial waste water, marine museum swimming pool water circulation and reuse.

sterilizing deodorizing principle: ozone sterilizing belongs to a class of biochemical reaction. Ozone oxidation decomposing bacteria internal glucose necessary enzymes; can also directly with the bacteria, virus produces effect, destroy the cell wall and ribonucleic acid, decomposition of DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids and polysaccharides and other high molecular polymer, can penetrate into the cell membrane into the cell membrane organization, internal lipopolysaccharide in outer membrane lipoprotein reaction, allowing bacteria to material permeability distortion, leading to cell lysis of death, and death in vivo genetic gene, parasitic species, parasitic virus particles, phage, mycoplasma and pyrogen ( bacterial virus metabolites, such as endotoxin ) dissolved degeneration. Using the" ozone" oxidation of natural characteristics ammonia taste and organic pollutants in corruption decomposition in the odor produced completely decomposed and removed, it destroys the stink generating molecular structure of the material, non-toxic, odorless substance generated. Pool almost all international competition swimming pool with ozone treatment, not only can remove the residual chlorine, chlorine disinfection decomposition produced chloroform, methylene chloride, bromide four carbon dioxide and other chlorinated organic compounds with carcinogenic. But also sterilization; more economical use of water is the extension of time, cost reduction.

main purposes: ozone generator is mainly used for medicine water, pure water, mineral water, two water, swimming pool water, water, food and beverage industries water sterilization and purification treatment, and chemical industry, papermaking industry, degreasing, bleaching, bleaching, for life, industrial, hospital sewage discharge standard treatment ( sterilization and disinfection, removal of BDR, COD and so on ), as well as domestic sewage, industrial cooling water reuse treatment.

: the action of ozone sterilization, disinfection, purification, to taste; double type (i.e., can be used for disinfection of space - can also be used for water treatment disinfection )

families, schools, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, kindergartens, office, farms, food factory, cosmetics, edible fungus, car beauty, locker room, packaging workshop, drinking water, pure water, mineral water, food processing production water, swimming pool water treatment, sewage treatment ... ...


1, the company all ozone machine uses the stainless steel chassis, beautiful and generous, is not easy to be oxidized
2, the air-cooled, with axial flow fan assisted heat sink, high cooling efficiency, good discharge effect, guaranteed to produce ozone and machine work long time stable and reliable
3, ozone core components take the lead in the use of the international most advanced quartz tube discharge unit, whole sealing technology, corrosion resistance, high ozone concentration, long service life, can work continuously for a long time
5, gas source, filter system, a discharge chamber, control room integration, simple operation, electricity use
5, can filter air acrobatics and moisture, improve the production of ozone generator, prolong life
6, has the function of timing, 120 minutes can be arbitrarily adjusted working time
7, the dual-purpose type, air source and an oxygen source according to need choose to use the


* pure water, mineral water, drinking water, drinking water disinfection sterilization
* food processing production water, swimming pool water purification sterilization
* large food products processing, pharmaceutical, packaging and other space. Toxic sterilizing
* large cosmetics processing, packaging workshop sterilization
* aquatic products, frozen, salted food surface sterilization
* production equipment, instruments sterilization
* locker room space disinfection sterilization
* edible fungus inoculation chamber sterilizing
* hotel space disinfection and purification of
. as long as it is used for the disinfection of space or water treatment disinfection can meet your requirements!

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