Ozone machine 5G
Product Name : Ozone machine 5G
Model : HMJ-CY-5
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Last update : 2018.04.13
Manufacturer : 5g type ozone disinfection machines, ozone gas produced by the strong oxidation, catalyst, virus and bacteria in the ozone gas due to the multiple roles of free radicals, protein dissociation degeneration, nucleic acid and enzyme
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Product description:

One, product characteristics

1 the product generated ozone gas with strong oxidation, catalyst, virus and bacteria in the ozone gas due to the multiple roles of free radicals, protein dissociation degeneration, nucleic acid and enzyme activity is reduced, thereby sterilizing.

2 ozone belonging to broad-spectrum sterilization, on various bacteria and virus has strong killing effect.

3, carbon dioxide, ozone and formaldehyde, xylene and other toxic and harmful gas, such as oxidation degradation of complex physical and chemical reaction, and the byproduct of non-toxic harmless, can avoid the two pollution.

4 the use of ozone disinfection, degradation of organic waste gas, dispel peculiar smell, to purify the air is on the international comparison of sophisticated high-tech, domestic and foreign experts called the twenty-first Century Environmental Science four technologies.

Two, product advantages

1 ozone generator for box type integrated machine, air supply, air filtration system, ozone discharge chamber, power control board, and other accessories mounted in an enclosure.

2 ozone discharge chamber is my company's patented technology, external electrode stainless steel manufacturing, using patented metal enamel discharge body ) -- high voltage electrode surface sintering enamel dielectric layer, the overall use of the discharge chamber sealing technology, reliable operation;

The 3 power supply unit ( PSU ) is the series of models of the core technology, including the frequency and voltage two technology, set up automatic soft start function, has strong load capacity and multiple protection function, high efficiency and stability;

The 4 series ozone generator uses the clean air source or a source of oxygen dual-purpose ( can be chosen to use );

5 of the discharge chamber adopts air cooling, so that the discharge chamber to reach a good discharge effect, not only the amount of ozone to produce a stable, and the device is not easy to damage.


Application: food industry, water treatment, water treatment, wastewater treatment and chemical fields.

Scope of application:

, suitable for food factory, cosmetics factory, beverage production enterprises of small water treatment and the production of container, pipeline cleaning and disinfecting;

Small regional air disinfection.


Safety precautions:

One, safety precautions

Qualified special grounding wire, safe and reliable grounding, installation is prohibited in ammonia leak or explosion risk risk area.

Two, important

1, equipment installation personnel must be trained to boot repair;

In 2, the use of ozone sterilization, no staff in high concentrations of ozone in the work environment;

3, make sure equipment maintenance or repair should be in power-off and vent their pressure state of repair, ensure the safety of the people;

4, if there is abnormal, please immediately cut off the power supply to inform our company professional maintenance.

Three, points for attention in installation

During the installation process, please observe the following requirements:

1, ensure that the electric, gas, water inlet, outlet pipeline connected correctly;

In 2, installing the equipment in drying the spacious place, in order to facilitate heat dissipation and maintenance;

3, using the line capacity is required, to eliminate fire hazards;

In 4, high risk, do not use water flushing device.

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