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Ozone sterilizer 15G
Product Name : Ozone sterilizer 15G
Model : HMJ-CY-15
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Last update : 2017.06.21
Manufacturer : 15g type ozone disinfection cabinet work principle: ozone generator through the principles of electricity production line of high-pressure, high pressure up to a certain extent air breakdown, the air molecules are ionized, wherein the oxygen
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Water general: ozone generation is adopted after the silicone tube output, the silica gel tube output ozone can be used for water disinfection, and can also be used for space purification. ( water treatment only when the ozone output of silicone tube extends into the water tank or barrel, such as is used in spatial processing only the silicone tube placed in the ground. )

Working principle: ozone generator through the principles of electricity production line of high-pressure, high pressure up to a certain extent air breakdown, the air molecules are ionized, wherein the oxygen in the air molecules are ionized by three atom of oxygen into ozone molecules, ozone generation will become a strong oxidizing agent, it can destroy molecular cell wall to bacterial, viral, fungal and microbial inactivation, in a certain concentration can rapidly kill bacteria in the air with no toxic residues, can not form two pollution.

Function Description: ozone sterilizing machine using ozone produced by lightning discharges in the matter of principle, using air as raw materials, using surface steepening discharge release high concentrations of ozone, and the ozone is currently one of the strongest known oxidizing agent, in a certain concentration, can rapidly kill the water and air in a variety of harmful bacteria, without any toxic residues, can not form two pollution, is the world's recognized a broad-spectrum disinfectant effect, its chemical properties especially lively, known as" the cleanest oxidants and disinfectants".

Ozone by domestic and foreign experts think is the most ideal disinfection with ozone disinfection, so can make food export industry products more in line with the export inspection, quarantine standard. Food, beverage packaging is to ensure food hygiene qualified important link, must to its space, tools, packaging and sterilizing dressing. Food export industry of quick frozen food, cold food, meat and milk products processing workshops and packaging, have relatively high health requirements, especially fresh food has no heating disinfection processes, so the production workshop microbial pollution is very important factors affecting product quality.

Workshop tools, packaging sterilization of some high concentrations of ozone requirements, then mainly kill the bacterial species were Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and mold for life in low temperature environment, need to increase of ozone concentration and time, can be restricted breeding and kill. Disinfection sterilization of the continuity of time is related to the total number of bacteria standards essential, to put the total number of bacteria is kept to a minimum, ozone generator start time must cycles and phases, and sterilization time and work time apart, can boot into the ozone sterilization cycle.

Food and beverage plant ozone disinfection cabinet beautiful shape, small volume, high efficiency of sterilization, the ozone ( O3 ) yield, low energy consumption, disinfection and sterilization is fast, no residue and pollution two, disinfection and sterilization machine price low operating cost, and the ozone disinfection can quickly penetrate diffusion, disinfection and sterilization is not dead, suitable for food, beverage factory workshop clothing, tools, packaging, sterilization, disinfection and purification of air.

Effect of sterilization, disinfection, ozone: to taste, purification; double type (i.e., can be used for disinfection of space - can also be used for water treatment disinfection )

Scope of application: families, schools, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, kindergartens, office, farms, food factory, cosmetics, edible fungus, automotive beauty,

Locker room, packaging workshop, drinking water, pure water, mineral water, food processing production water, swimming pool water treatment, sewage treatment

Function characteristics:

In 1, the company all ozone generator using stainless steel chassis, beautiful and generous, is not easy to be oxidized

In 2, the air-cooled, with axial flow fan assisted heat sink, high cooling efficiency, good discharge effect, assure produce ozone and long time stable and reliable working machine

In 3, the ozone core components take the lead in the use of the international most advanced quartz tube discharge unit, whole sealing technology, corrosion resistance, high ozone concentration, long service life, can work continuously for a long time

In 5, air supply, filter system, discharge room, control room integration, simple operation, electricity use

5, can filter air acrobatics and moisture, improve the production of ozone generator, to extend the life of

In 6, has the function of timing, 120 minutes can be arbitrarily adjusted working time

In 7, the dual-purpose type, air source and an oxygen source selected to use according to the needs

Scope of application:

In pure water, mineral water, drinking water, drinking water disinfection

The food processing production water, swimming pool water disinfection sterilization purification

* large food processing, pharmaceutical, packaging and other places of the space disinfection

* large cosmetics processing, packaging workshop sterilization

The aquatic products, frozen, salted food surface sterilization

The production equipment, equipment sterilization

In the locker room space disinfection

The edible fungus Vaccination Room sterilization

* hotel space disinfection and purification

As long as it is used in disinfection of space or water treatment disinfection can meet your requirements!

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