Industry Dryer
Product Name : Industry Dryer
Model : 2018最新彩金858C
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Last update : 2017.06.21
Manufacturer : Applicable to the family living room, office, Villa Club, record room, data room for noise requirements of the higher places.
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Industrial dehumidifier (2018最新彩金858C)product presentation:


2018最新彩金858C type industrial air dehumidifier has the characteristics of high precision, humidity automatic control, the customer can be set according to their own needs and humidity, when the humidity to achieve your request will automatically shut down, when the humidity is higher than you have set the range and will automatically boot. Has the advantages of simple operation, convenient, power saving function.


The damp air can cause a variety of economic loss and great trouble, sometimes even dangerous, if the effect of moist air are not familiar with, you can not find the cause of these problems.


Applicable to the family living room, office, Villa Club, record room, data room for noise requirements of the higher places.


Industrial dehumidifier (2018最新彩金858C) performance specification :


Using the area: 50-70 square meters (height 3 meters).
display: digital humidity RH10-90% random display.
humidity control: microcomputer control, humidity 1% free set and control.
defrosting function: microcomputer intelligent control, automatic defrost, low temperature application.
compressor: the use of international brands of rotary compressor, low noise, reliable operation, high energy efficiency ratio.
for people power: the use of 220V power supply, with protection function.
refrigeration system: uses the high quality efficient sets of copper aluminum fin type heat exchanger. Design of
fan: air conditioner axial flow fan, is characterized by large volume, small friction, low noise, long service life.
drainage way: water storage tank (automatic stop when water is full of water, full of light) or continuous drain hose.
mobile way: with four caster wheels at the bottom, can move freely (contour chart).
shape design: plastic ABS luxury.
certification of products: the products through national mandatory product certification certificate.


Industrial dehumidifier (2018最新彩金858C) technical parameters :


Model 2018最新彩金858C
Dehumidification Dehumidification
Power 220V~50Hz
Input power 880w
Ambient temperature 5~38℃
Circulating flow 500 m 3
Drainage way The water tank or continuous drain hose
Running noise 45dB
Compressor The international brand of rotary compressor
Suitable area(3m/height) 50 ~70㎡
Display mode Digital humidity RH10-90% random display
Volume (deep wide high) 44×65×32cm
NW 26 kg
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